horoscope zodiac signs Basics of the Career and Love Tarot Spread

Basics of the Career and Love Tarot Spread

Love and career spreads are two of the most used topics for tarot spreads that people always ask to draw. If you are wanting to gain knowledge of the basics of the career and love spread, this is a great place to start reading. If you are thinking about drawing your own spreads, or just briefly wanting to gain much more understanding of how a tarot spread is draw this article will provide you eye opening insight.

The basics of love and career in a tarot spread both include the common elements.

1.The Now. The first draw should disclose ‘the now’, this means the position and moment where you are at the moment. This should give you relatable insight as to your feelings at the moment,or someone elses feelings, if this spread is about someone else.

2.In Between. The 2nd draw should give insight to the unknown element that is surrounding you at the moment. Make sure you understand the full meaning of the tarot card in this position as it will give insight as to whether it will be a good unknown element ( based on the card) or a negative element. This is an important position to pay attention too.

3.What is Coming Up. The 3rd draw should provide you with insight as to what is coming up ahead of your path at the pace you are in at the moment. By your actions, this card may change in the future. Again, this card will only provide you future understanding as to where you will be led by the situation you are in right now.

4.The Future. The future is the 4th and final draw in the tarot deck for the basic spread of career and love. The 4th card represents the future. What will your future be? The tarot card holds the final meaning of the future of your questions.

The 4 points above represent different draws in 1 tarot spread about love or career. These are some of the most common spread basics that you must understand to make a great spread.

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